Microsoft Office 2010 Compatibility

Microsoft Office 2010 has been a great release from Microsoft in the year 2010. It is the successor to Microsoft Office 2007, and contains a host of new options. The Office Suite 2010 sports a highly refined user interface, with good colors and a great working environment. The Office Suite 2010 also comes with a good troubleshooting program, which offers extended file compatibility and a much more polished experience for its users. The Office Suite 2010 is also usable on Windows XP Service Pack 3(32bit), Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows 7. For the first time in the history of Microsoft, a 64 bit version of Microsoft Office has been made available to users with the introduction of the Office 2010. The Office 2010 also marks the debut of free online versions of famous Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which are featured by all the popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The Microsoft Office 2010 Compatibility Inspector extracts a comparison between the existing codes and the Office 2010 object model for known properties and methods which might have been updated. The Office 2010 Compatibility Inspector can be used to run on various different projects. An option is also provided where you can run mark certain areas in the code which might have been identified by the text search as a potential object model match. The marked comment would show all information which was found with the text search and a potential suggestion to an online link that might be helpful for use. The Office 2010 Compatibility Inspector also integrates itself with the Microsoft Visual Basic Applications 7.0 (VBA 7) and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. The Microsoft Office 2010 Compatibility Inspector comes with a simple scanner in which all the helpful links and recommendations are updated from a link to one central server location, which makes the software very easy and completely hassle free to use. While using it, the Microsoft Office 2010 Compatibility Inspector can also generate automated summary and detailed reports that can be used by users to avoid further problems. In the summary, the total lines of the scanned code and the total lines which are recognized as possible replacements for the object model changes are included. On the other hand, the details report consists of the module name, line number, and links to remediation for every recognized problem which might have occurred as well as the color coded flags for quick help and guidance. Overall, the Microsoft Office 2010 Compatibility Inspector is a highly helpful tool which can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft website. It helps keep your Office Suite up to date, by automatically checking with the central server for new updates.

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