Free Style – Choosing a Ring Design

Men and women straying from the usual gold bands, now have new exciting engagement ring and wedding band options with the innovation of embedded titanium rings. For men especially, the titanium ring market has exploded with a new world of masculine options. Traditionally, the “Big Day” caters to the bride, from the proposal to the honeymoon; most of the choices are made without the future husband. Now, when the ceremony gets to the words, “With this ring, I thee wed”, men finally have the opportunity to be a little more involved in the excitement instead of just being marked with a band.

Whether you fall into the category of “Opposites Attract” or “Two Peas in a Pod”, you can now keep your own identity or share each others with a huge inlay and design selection. Styles ranging from multiple bands of wood, to stone windows framed in gold are becoming the new wedding ring. Titanium rings with inlaid diamond stars in tropical scenes are replacing the usual diamond set in four prongs. Couples are choosing matching ring sets made from the same cut of wood and stone elements to create a symbol of connection. Busy professionals and networking enthusiasts joining in holy matrimony are requesting custom engravings with their initials and logos. Artists, musicians, and people embracing culture and spirituality are exchanging rings embellished with tribal patterns and symbols of their passions. The list goes on and on because the canvas has endless possibilities; a welcomed evolution for the jewelry industry, breaking demographic barriers by offering a design for everyone.

The diversity of inlaid titanium ring design has brought elegance and value to “freestyle” by combining earth’s gifts with man’s perception. From the muddy trails of the rainforest to the flashing lights of The Red Carpet; one ring can be appropriate for every event in your life. Titanium embedded with wood, opals, gems, and even Kevlar, has the comfort, durability, and striking beauty to venture every climb no matter what shoe is required. You have the freedom to empower your lifestyle and interpret your unique and impeccable taste without having to speak a word. When choosing your custom creation, remember to showcase your charm and you will be surprised what you will learn about the people who notice. Embedded design has paved a new road for your imagination to travel, so feel free to explore and discover the designer in you

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