Options for Resolving the Disputes With Auto Transporters

Transporting a vehicle with the help of an auto transport company is a convenient option for most people, who are shifting to new cities. Usually, the auto transport companies ship vehicles successfully by using the best auto carriers and by choosing the safest route. However, like any other process, in the auto shipping process, the transporters also make mistakes, which become the reason why a dispute occurs between clients and auto shipping companies. Therefore, in such situations it is imperative for customers to know the way to resolve their disputes.

If you have recently availed the vehicle shipping services, and your vehicle is mishandled or damaged during the process, then you must look for the available options for resolving the dispute. Surely, being harsh with the car transporter would not solve the problem. Therefore, you must choose a wise way to resolve the issues effectively. The following are the main ways that will help you in resolving your issues with the auto transporter: https://thehealinghempist.com

Immediately Contact Auto Shipping Company
Do not directly think of contacting the federal agencies or taking legal actions against the auto shipping company. First, you must contact the company’s officials and let them know about the issue. Most of the auto transport companies would not want to get involved in legal proceedings because it will affect their reputation and hence, in future, customers would not trust on their services. Therefore, most of the vehicle shipping companies try to resolve the issue and find a reasonable solution, which is acceptable for both parties.

Contact Better Business Bureau
If in any case, the auto transporter is not willing to cooperate with you, then you must think of filing a complaint against its services. You must contact Better Business Bureau in order to file your complaint. The Better Business Bureau is a federal agency that works in order to resolve the consumer and supplier affairs. It will register your complaint and then will take action by considering the car shipping contract and inspection reports.

Department of Transportation
The auto transporters refer to their terms and conditions of auto shipping, when a complaint is filed against them. The Better Business Bureau sometimes fails to take correct decisions because of these contract terms. In addition, most of the transporters take Better Business Bureau lightly. Therefore, you must contact the Department of Transportation (DOT) that regulates the U.S transportation including auto transport industry. The Department of Transportation will thoroughly check into the dos and don’ts of your contract terms and inspection reports. Then, the DOT jurisdiction will make the decision, which both parties will have to accept.

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