A Mobile Business App for Your Spa or Salon Is the Quickest Way to Keep Your Appointment Book Full

Mobile Business Apps are breaking all records in being the fastest growing technology to date. Day after day Spa and Salon owners are beginning to recognize the value of mobile app technology as a viable marketing tool to grow their business with their current clients!

Making your Spa or Salon ‘stand out’ among the rest, will give your business the competitive edge and keep you professionally ahead of your competition.

There is no comparison to any other low-cost and effective marketing solution available to you for your Spa or Salon than your own Mobile Business App.

Do you know it costs 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current client? Your Customized Spa or Salon Mobile Business App’s greatest and most beneficial feature is keeping your current clients coming back more often!

Here are some of the features your mobile business app is capable of and perfectly designed for your business and your clients. Your mobile business app is custom designed specifically for you to represent your business professionally and most importantly to enhance client loyalty and client retention.

This easy, affordable and effective “marketing tool,” raises your weekly appointment totals, raises the lifetime value of your client by bringing them back into your business more often; and the best part, by command! It is also designed to make your life easier with the many features you can choose from.

As more… and more… and more (the numbers are mind-boggling) people are definitely pushing away from their laptops and desktop computers and turning to their smartphones for their internet needs, the face of how we act and react is changing daily.

People look for and buy things they need and want via their smart phones in record numbers. If you are a Spa or Salon business and you need customers (well, don’t ya!), then now is the time to get your Customized Mobile Business App for your Spa or Salon!

Did You Know

  • 47% of the U.S. is now using smartphones.
  • The #1 reason a client will no longer do business with you is lack of attention.
  • 58% of people say they can’t be away from their mobile phone for more than an hour.
  • 28% of more people frequent a business which offers a loyalty card. (Your Mobile Business App provides a loyalty card!)
  • One out of 10 people will use a coupon from an app on their phone as opposed to 1 out of 100 people use traditional coupons. (Your app can offer coupons!)

If you are hemming and hawing about the competitive edge, which a Mobile Business App for your Spa or Salon will give you to grow your business, you really need to consider these eight reasons why a Mobile Business App is just plain smart business.

1. Your Clients Want It

There is no question that smartphone users prefer using apps over a website or even their web browser. You can bet that your clients with smartphones are expecting an app for the places they love to go; to your Spa or Salon. Don’t let your clients down!

Smartphone users are discriminatory and prefer the robust experience of a mobile app over a typical website. Your mobile business app allows your client to view detailed information about your products and services, and they can even make a purchase easily, without requiring them to go to your website; with one touch of a finger!

2. Like Your Mother Calling out the Back Door to Come In for Dinner (ahhh the olden days!)

This REALLY should be #1! Calling your clients to action is the goal to “making” your business thriving with your appointment book full week after week. Your app makes it so easy to interact and engage your clients and have them jumping to action and booking an appointment immediately.

Your Customized Mobile App for your Spa or Salon can “PUSH” (deliver) specialized messages to your clients with a push of a button, immediately will have your phone ringing booking appointments. This “Push Notification” feature provides the BIGGEST and most effective benefit to your business’ bottom line. Filling empty appointments, by command!

“How?” You ask. Well, you simply “Push” out a special that day; maybe to fill up empty appointments immediately or even a very special event for only them, and as soon as the client reads it on their smartphone, your phone begins to ring!

Got empty appointment times? HA, NOT anymore with your Spa or Salon’s Mobile Business App!

Smart business owners, until now, have only dreamed of a way as immediate and reliable as a mobile business app to communicate with their valued clients.

3. Your Clients and Prospects May Not Expect it From You

Large companies with big marketing departments and even bigger budgets have only been using mobile apps; until now! Providing your clients to easily keep your business right in hand and a finger tip away, will make you stand out from your competitors. After all, you are obviously MORE professional than your competitors, whom don’t have their very own mobile app!

Do something unexpected. Grab their attention. Surprise your clients with special deals just for them because they have downloaded your Spa or Salon’s Business App.

4. Keep Your Information Up-to-Date and Accurate

Keeping your product information and pricing up-to-date can be quite a challenge. Sure, it’s on your website, but does that really provide exceptional customer service for your clients whom prefer their smartphone over their laptop?

Your Mobile Business app can be kept continuously updated with your latest information and is far quicker and easier than updating that every same information and then having to spend a tone of money for printing the new updates to your brochures or your service menu; and can even be easier and quicker than updating your website!

5. A Sticky Business Grows Faster

Having your customized mobile business app displayed on the screen of their smartphone like a “Badge of Honor” for a place they love to go, YOUR Spa or Salon! Every time they look at their phone, which is about every 6.3 minutes, is a constant reminder YOU!

Providing detailed information, photos, products, events and specials ONLY for the clients that have downloaded your Spa or Salon’s Mobile Business App, which is literally at their fingertips 24/7, makes smart business sense!

6. Keep Up and Even Ahead of the Times… and Your Competition

Major corporations already offer one (sometimes more) mobile apps for their current clients and potential customers. Forward-thinking businesses of all sizes realized the opportunity during the 90’s, when the WWW exploded and seized it early. Playing catch-up was not a good idea for the companies, like Borders, that waited. It’s happening all over again!

7. Build Client Loyalty and Retention with Convenience

Having a Loyalty Program using “Punch Cards” raises retention and loyalty bringing your clients back again and again. Statistic show that 28% of people would prefer to do a business with a Loyalty Program than with one that doesn’t. Your customized mobile business app makes the Loyalty Program easy and very effective.

Your spa or salon technicians and staff can build client loyalty and retention because they will be able to better effectively service the clients by having instant access and pertinent data; such as product information and pricing, at their fingertips.

8. Easy and Affordable

With the many advantages and features of your customized mobile business app and the benefits of immediately filling empty appointments, keeping client loyalty, client retention and building your client data base with new customers within reach of most any business, NOT having one is just bad business!

It’s easy to get started, it’s surprisingly affordable and it just makes sense. So are you going to be the Spa or Salon that is playing ‘catch up?’ Or are you going to be the smart, savvy and forward thinking business owner that you know you are and amp your business with your very own Customized Mobile App for your Spa or Salon?


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