Eco Friendly Fashion Is In The Bag

Eco Friendly Fashion Is In The Bag

A few years ago, what might have been considered a fad, is now a well-established trend in the fashion industry. Bamboo, jute, vegan leather, even candy wrappers and rice sacks are being turned into functional, fashionable handbags. These bags are chic and smart at the same time. Jute is a natural sustainable fiber spun into coarse, Vegan leather bags strong threads. Eco conscious meets fashion conscious all for the good of Mother Earth.

Handbags have always been a necessary accessory. Whether out on the town or running errands with the kids, handbags complete the outfit and, Business plan writer Vancouver at the same time, keep you organized. Designers are now successfully combining the function of handbags with environmentally friendly materials to create accessories that are not only smart but sexy. How about a purse with recycled zippers, more reading please or a unique one-of-a-kind messenger bag made out of old billboards? After recycling the same tired trends over and over, the fashion industry is now exploding with creative ways to use recycled materials. From high end creations to the fun and funky, this is no longer a fad. Eco friendly fashions are here to stay, and it goes beyond just handbags.

You can find jewelry created from eco-friendly materials like earrings made out of wood, hardwood floor refinishing or belts made out of recycled rubber. There are bracelets, and cuff links, and socks from bamboo. How about recycled vinyl record bracelets? These unique and attention-grabbing transparent vinyl record cuffs are handmade from vintage 45 rpm colored vinyl records! Due to the fact that these are old records, they may be a little beat up, scratched and worn out but this is the one of a kind beauty of the piece. If you like jewelry and you care about the environment, try something recycled like this.

Today, men and women around the world who make the choice to accessorize with fashionable, eco-friendly designs are becoming part of the fashion elite. Green fashion accessories for young and old, and talk about unique! You have to like the concept of sporting a product that is on its second statewide roofing (or third) time around don’t you? It supports our earth smart mantra- recycle, re-use and reclaim. And who doesn’t like to be unique with a dash of sustainability thrown in for good measure? If you don’t like standing out in the crowd then breeze right by this cool, green fashion jewelry and fashion forward bags. What’s more, you’re not only doing something nice for you but you’re doing right by the environment.



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